The Wellness Centre boasts a highly modern Thermarium which includes: a Finnish sauna, Turkish bath, Sensation showers, Drench shower, Relaxation area with tisanerie and Well-being indicator

Finnish Sauna

Temperature 90° C humidity 10-15%

You are advised to shower first, thoroughly dry yourself and then enter the sauna, remaining inside for 10-15 minutes, seated for the last 3.

Exit the sauna, take a healthy cold shower, followed by a break, and if you wish, go back into the sauna for 8-10 minutes; then enjoy some relaxing rest in the relaxation area with infusions of your choice.

Turkish Bath

Temperature 45°C humidity 90%
Steam bath with essential oils.

The ideal duration of a treatment is 15-20 minutes. The presence of hot steam aids in skin pH regulation, hydration and cleansing. It is recommended for improving breathing activity and improves circulation in all parts of the body, helping to dissolve and eliminate toxins through abundant sweating.

Inside the booth there are two showers with cold water; these provide extraordinary benefits for blood circulation, thanks to the reaction induced by alternating hot and cold.

Instructions for correct use
To ensure your own comfort and that of other guests, please accept a few small suggestions. 
You may only enter the Thermarium with bare feet or clean flip-flops. It is mandatory to shower first and it is advisable to spray the antifungal solution provided on your feet. Using a towel or bathroom when lying on lounge chairs in the relaxation area is recommended. For relaxing and regenerating oneself, peace and quiet are indispensable; for this reason, we ask you to keep your voice low and refrain from using mobile phones. In all areas it is forbidden to smoke or bring in food and drinks.

Cold mist sensation shower

A spray mist shower, cromotherapy, fragrance with mint essence. Slight vasodilating and vasoconstricting effect, useful for vascular stimulation.

Tropical rain sensation shower

Special steel nozzles create the effect of tropical rainfall, with alternating sequences of different water jets, enriched with particular aromas and stimulations tied to cromotherapy.

Drench shower

A cone-shaped enclosure where you can regenerate yourself under a powerful jet of cold water creating a “rainstorm” effect, with cold and hot hydromassage, all accompanied by a play a play of lights that will accentuate the effect and sensation of well-being.

Area Relax


A relaxation area with special beds designed to relax your mind and body after you have completed your routine, selected music conducive to complete mental relaxation and the possibility of enjoying thirst-quenching infusions.

Misuratore di benessere

Wellbeing indicator

Rest the palm of your hand for 15 seconds on one of the leaves. Remove your hand and you will see your psychophysical condition:

black: stressed
red: tense
green: calm
blue: relaxed

The well-being meter uses liquid crystal microencapsulation technology and is made by I.P.S. InterNazioneal Products & Services of Milan –