Inhalation Treatments and Treatmens for Rhinogenous Deafness

Cure inalatorieThe original heart of the Thermal Spa is the Centre for Ear, Nose and Throat and Respiratory Tract Diseases. As far back as antiquity, the sulphurous and salso-bromo-iodine thermal waters of Riolo were known to be particularly effective in treating disorders of the respiratory tree, thanks to their composition rich in active principles, hydrogen sulphide, salts and trace elements, which make them suitable for children as well.

After a long journey underground, where they acquire particular therapeutic properties, four types of water gush forth from the thermal springs. They differ in their composition and properties, have proven effectiveness on the respiratory tract and are excellent for treating rhinogenous deafness, sinusitis, pharyngitis, asthmatic bronchitis and many other disorders tied to the airways, not lastly allergies, which are increasingly frequent.

Pulverization, inhalation, thermal aerosols and humage (a treatment using the gaseous component of thermal water), aided by pulmonary ventilation, transmit active particles of hydrogen sulphide in different ways to mucous membranes, even into very fine branches of the respiratory system. Endotympanic insufflation carried out with hydrogen sulphide extracted from Breta water is effective against rhinogenous deafness.

Recent scientific studies have confirmed the particular antioxidant properties of Riolo’s thermal waters, which have another field of application in the treatment and prevention of respiratory tract disorders tied to active and passive smoking and smog.

They are also effective as a supporting therapy after Laserfit®, laser auriculotherapy capable of reaching organs affected by smoking and disintoxicating them, provoking smoke inhibition and a decrease in cravings without side effects such as withdrawal psychosis.