Continuous scientific research on the use of our precious waters has confirmed the regenerating action of salso-bromo-iodine thermal water in the body’s functional recovery. At the Centre for New Rehabilitation Techniques, treatments carried out with innovative technologies in thermal water assure more effective, faster and earlier motor recovery.

Science and nature join forces to recreate authentic, complete health after surgery or injuries, with personalized programmes for orthopaedic and post-injury re-education, constantly overseen by specialist physicians, rehabilitation therapists and expert physiotherapists.

The Centre adopts sophisticated equipment for pneumological rehabilitation and the treatment of bronchopathy, diaphragmatic paresis, kyphoscoliosis and chest injuries. The range of offerings is completed by a nutritional rehabilitation programme which intervenes in the body’s metabolism to correct nutritional imbalances.

Therapies in water

Large spaces and the properties of thermal mineral water in combiNazione with cutting-edge rehabilitation techniques give rise to a vast selection of treatments. Hydrokinesitherapy with a water rehabilitation therapist allows the multiple beneficial effects of the relaxing and remineralizing properties of thermal water to be combined with heat.  The body’s suspension in water, which facilitates rehabilitative movements, together with the professional assistance of the therapist who works together with the client in order to mobilize the part to be treated, makes recovery of a normal condition much faster.

In the thermal pool it is moreover possible to use special equipment which aids the recovery programme, with exercises on steppers and stationary bikes directly immersed in the salso-bromo-iodine thermal water.


echnology serves to complete the main therapeutic activity in water; Tecar therapy moves energy inside the body by means of electrical stimulation which reduces inflammation. Co2 Laser therapy repairs tissue micro-lacerations in a gentle, painless manner while assuring the precision of laser technology.

Compex electrotherapy, electroanalgesia, iontophoresis and Kotz electrotherapy are different ways of using electrical current to regenerate your state of health. These therapies are completed, finally, by ultrasound, ultraviolet and infrared rays and kinesitherapy, in addition to various types of connectival and lymphatic drainage massages.