Well-being is founded upon a harmony of health, serenity and beauty. This wise principle of ancient medicine is the foundation underlying the therapeutic action of the Centre for Natural Methods.

Here the ancient traditions of Eastern and Western medicine are combined with modern thermal technologies in order to re-establish a harmony between body and mind. Water and officinal herbs, essential oils, very fine clay and massage techniques are tools for creating a new balance.

Indulge yourself in the relaxing experience of overall well-being that is founded on the harmonious relationship between all of your organs and your emotions.


A team of physicians and specialized staff will welcome you and guide you in the program best suited to your needs, with the aid of two diagnostic methods: Thermoregulation diagnosis, which analyzes the functionality of organs (preventive diagnostic test) and the Aller ELISA Test, which identifies food intolerances, the cause of many ailments. During this period diet is fundamental because to an increasing extent, we are what we eat.

Food Education is an awareness-based slimming tool, Metabolimetry provides an exact indication of how we can reach our ideal weight.

At the Centre it is possible to undergo a test to assess oxidative stress and the body’s defence capabilities, as well as oxygeNazione in blood, dark field examiNazione and iridological investigation.

Therapies & Treatments

At the Centre for Natural Methods you can follow a programme of specific treatments which, in a wholly Natural manner, will give you new energy. Eastern medicine and an astute use of officinal herbs are at the basis of our all our Natural methods. Phytotherapy, hayseed and aromatic flower baths, Shiatsu energy massage, Plantar Reflexology, Rebalancing, Bach Flower Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, traditional Ayurvedic Massage, Aromatherapy, hot packs, steam baths and clay wraps with essential oils ease tensions and purify the body, creating a beneficial relaxing effect and the pleasure of once again feeling in harmony with yourself.

The Centre for Natural Methods also offers medical treatments based on the Natural principles of the thermal water of Riolo. Kneipp hydrotherapy, the Schiele method, Jungebad® (youth bath) and Singulett oxygen therapy favour vasodilatation and reactivation of microcirculation. Colon hydrotherapy, an effective method of cleansing the body, eliminates impurities and regenerates the mucous membranes.

Eichoterm, a specific set of lamps which simulate a day of sunshine at the Equator, restores energy to a fatigued body, raises immune defences and soothes or clears skin disorders. A personalized diet completes the treatment programme.

Biofeedback favours the reactivation of intracellular connections thanks to electrical impulses.