At Spa of Riolo, research in the realm of aesthetics is founded on an ancient principle which is still extremely valid today: true beauty expresses itself fully in a condition of mental and physical equilibrium, which is reached by means of a comprehensive action.

Every imperfection is the result of a number of causes; the most important is an unsuitable lifestyle.

For this reason, at Riolo beauty is the result of a complete wellness programme which considers every aspect of both the body and spirit, since only equilibrium can impart resplendent beauty.


A specialist medical examiNazione makes use of numerous devices in order to define a complete, personalized profile of weak areas, where imperfections due to dehydration, poor circulation and water retention have already made an appearance, and intervene only where necessary.

An anthropometric check-up serves to assess the body’s composition, which always differs in terms of the arrangement and quantity of fat and lean body mass and volume of water, so that a metabolic diet can be planned out. Moreover, ultrasound analysis of subcutaneous fat makes it possible to measure fat thickness in individual regions and to certify the results.

A new 2011 offering is three-dimensional skin imaging, which reveals the degree and depth of wrinkles, damage caused by UV rays and aging and vascular lesions and exactly quantifies in percentage terms the improvement following treatments.

Body Treatments

To the body we dedicate the relaxing, gentle ritual of peeling to favour a Naturel exfoliation, which serves as a basis for the subsequent penetration of products or treatments for toning, smoothing and draining tissues. You can opt for a peeling based on honey and bran, aromatic herbs, essential oils and “sweet salt” (salt from the first harvest, containing fewer bitter elements).

Electrostimulation reduces flaws and regenerates cells. The aesthetic physician carries out ultrasonic lipo-cavitation, hydrolipoclasia, radiofrequency and mesotherapy treatments, different methods which act in a specific manner in treating cellulite and localized adiposity. Medical carboxytherapy draws oxygen toward tissues so as to improve the reactivation of capillaries.

The Alice system is a highly effective approach: using type A infrared rays with a water filter, it provides solely in-depth heating of the tissue (hypoderm) where adipose cushions form.

Bio-current muscle stimulation thus favours the consumption of fat thanks to the increased energy demand brought about by heat. The final perfecting touches can be achieved with treatments for attenuating stretch marks, such as medical laser and Cromopil.

ND:YAG  Laser (new 2011 offering) is mainly indicated for vascular lesions, including those of lower limb and face capillaries, and in the treatment of medium and fine wrinkles. The treatments are very well tolerated.

A wide range of body-contouring manual massages are available: lymphatic drainage, Gomming pneumatic massage, Thermo Modelage, Manual, aesthetic massage with essential oils and antioxidant massage with grapevine polyphenols. Hands and feet are the focus of various revitalizing treatments.

A new well-toned, slim, harmonic body is the result for those who enter the Aesthetic Medical Centre of Spa of Riolo. And to maintain the results obtained at home, the Rioterme Cosmetiques thermal water cosmetic line serves to complete your newly restored well-being.

Facial Treatments

The treatments of the Aesthetic Medical Centre provide deep action on skin and body imperfections, globally influencing the sphere of well-being.

The specific properties of thermal water increase the beneficial effect of facial cleansing, anti-acne inhalations and virgin mud masks, gentle exfoliating peels or exclusive anti-wrinkle and anti-age treatments specific for different skin types.

These treatments can be enhanced by Skin Master Plustechnology, capable of assuring a good smoothing effect on the face to attenuate spots, wrinkles and small imperfections.

Where not sufficient, as of 2011 it is possible to intervene in the aesthetic medical field with a multifunctional platform(Lumenis M22), which includes, in addition to the already mentioned Nd:YAG Laser, a fourth-generation multiple pulsed light terminal, specific for photorejuveNazione (the skin is cleared of blemishes and redness and becomes thicker, suppler and luminous), skin spots, couperose, rosacea, acne, hair removal in areas of varying dimension.

The new 2011 offerings also include a sequential oxygenating treatment based on Argan Cream, rich in precious Argan oil, defined as the liquid gold of Morocco, elixir of youth.

Ideal for treating dry, cracked skin, thanks to a very high percentage of Naturel antioxidants, it assures unique protection against harmful free radicals. The Centre moreover offers the Principi Treatment, modulated on biorhythms, Gomming Anti-Gravity Treatment, Collagen Fleece Treatment and “Carezze di Vite” (“grapevine caresses”) sequential polyphenol-based antioxidant treatment, capable of stimulating collagen and elastin.

To ensure effective action, medical hand treatments are available, including Bio-restructuring, Skin Bio-stimulation, Enerpeel® exfoliating and reshaping treatment and anti-wrinkle treatments based on hyaluronic acid, agarose, botulinum and biological drugs for deep stimulation of cellular regeneration.