Cura idropinica delle Terme di RioloSet in the green heart of Romagna, in a marvellous centuries-old park, by virtue of a holistic approach, Spa of Riolo spa can offer non-invasive diagnoses, cycles of therapy and tailor-made treatments.

Precious resources of the Spa, which is certified “Superior Level 1”, are the excellent medicinal waters – Vittoria, Breta, margherita and Salsoiodica medicinal waters and the very fine mud from the “vulcanetti” (“little volcanoes”, or mud springs) of Bergullo, the only source in the Region. The Spa invites you to benefit from ancient rituals dedicated to beauty and psychophysical well-being, cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment methods and precious Naturel remedies.

Over 140 years of history at the service of health and psychophysical well-being, reinforced by the presence of: